This is the biggest puppy in the work weighs 180 pounds and is 6 feet tall
The resident of Salt Lake City decided to get a guard dog after his house was attacked. His pet died because of the robber who threw the dog
The owner was searching for his lost dog for a year and then suddenly found her on social media
A dog was hit by a car last year. Fortunately, it survived but lost part of her tail. The owner named Dylan did his best to save the
The dog saved the owner in a way that even rescuers could not do so
Jake Atkins was hunting with his friend. They were waiting for their prey but that was not a lucky day for them. The guy went closer to the
The dog was in terrible condition and no one wanted to even look at it but then he changed
Frudo was wandering in the streets. No one liked his appearance. But then everything changed for the better when he was noticed by a caring person who could
The was man amazed when he knew that the cat visited the owner’s gravestone every year
When the man named Klei Keninhau was returning home he saw something strange. He noticed the cat who was next to the tombstone. It was obvious that the
When the couple found the cat they could not expect that it would become their inseparable part
After saving the cat the couple becomes attached to it. Unlike others, feral cats did not like communicating with people. And there is a big difference between them
The little cat who was found in the snow turned out to be an endangered one
The man together with his friend was walking in the Park when something blocked their path. The man suddenly noticed a tiny cat who was scared and could
The dog clings to the baby and then the family understood that he tried to save the family
This story happened in Australia. The couple had a little daughter and recently they decided to adopt an animal as well. At the animal shelter, people noticed a
The penguin was saved by a man and then made friends with him
The dying penguin was saved due to the man’s efforts. The old man called João Pereira de Souza found the bird on the beach. The penguin was covered
The corgi mother took 4 puppies who were left alone after their mom died
The 2-year-old dog who was pregnant was barely saved. After some time 3 babies were born. But the poor mother could not survive and died. The newborn babies