This boy had genetic disorders and was adopted by kind people
This story is about a boy called Rustam from Russia. The boy had some diseases that affected his look. And his parents abandoned the boy because of this.
The old woman decided to become a bride again
We can fall in love at any age. And today’s hero is the old woman who proved it. The woman called Millie Taylor-Morrison is 86 years old. And
The smallest dog won everyone’s hearts weighs 300 grams
Many people love animals. When dogs grow up they become strong protectors for their owners. But sometimes many dogs remain the same size and never lose their childish
Boys helped a small Lion who had unusual paws
When 2 guys were coming home from work they saw a small and poor creature who was tired and needed someone’s help. So, they could not stay indifferent
How the boy with this birthmark live
Many of us have birthmarks on our bodies. But the hero of this story is a boy who got everyone’s attention with his special birthmark. It was a
Strangers left the tiny bunny in the trash and condemned him to death
The animal was suddenly found in the trash pile. The animal was overall in mud but reached out to people. One of the residents of the city found
How the guy lives now who left without parental love
When Jono was born his parents left him in the hospital because of his disease. But he was lucky as he was adopted by a kind woman called
They thought that the dog had little chance and decided to euthanize him
The dog service caught the stray dog named Squish and took it to an animal shelter. The puppy had problems with its head and jaw and that made
No one wanted to befriend the boy who had different eye colors till he met his twin
The boy named Madeline Humphries was born with a disease and his eye color was different from one another. This made him look different from others. The shape
The dog lost his hope but due to the kind family he changes a lot
Many people hate animals and no one can explain this phenomenon. Many animals die because of cruel people. But this dog was an exception as he was noticed