The woman did a tattoo in memory of her lovely pet
Anna Halcin and her lovely dog named Sebastian had many close friends for many years. They overcame many difficulties together and were always ready to help each other.
The little cat saved about 60 furry creatures and will always be remembered
Nano is a magical cat. He was about five weeks old when found. The volunteers never met such a creature. It was a couple of times smaller than
The emaciated dog was saved from euthanasia due to the dog who gave blood
A white puppy was moved to the Arizona Humane Society in a bad condition. The puppy was going to be euthanased. But the owner of the rescue center
The dog got reunited with the owner who helped and took her overseas
A soldier named Nick Pierzchalski was serving in Iraq. Besides serving the country he also loved animals and could not ever leave them helpless. He helped all animals
A goat was brought to the tiger for its lunch but they surprisingly became friends.
This is a story about a touching connection between a goat called Timur and a tiger called Amur. How does this connection start? The start was not romantic.