The kitten loved Christmas the way that the family decided to give her all-time Christmas tree
Luna enjoyed the holidays Christmas and New Year. She loved the tree, the lights, and the gift boxes. Sometimes animals try to drop the tree but she is
The family allowed the cat to enter the home and then found the copy of the cat on the sofa
The cat named Maia has lived with the Moran family since birth. She became everyone’s favorite person who is allowed to do everything she wants. She likes spending
The cat who stole food for many years from the garage finally met his owner
It’s difficult for wild animals to survive in the wild. But, one big cat managed to do so and also maintained its 9 kilograms. Later, the cat became
The kitten nicknamed ‘ugly’ did not get any attention but appeared to people who loved him
A cat called Gulya differed from his siblings since birth. He had a direct and not common look. So, he was bullied by people who did not love
The cat was going to be put down by her owner till the kind vet helped her
The cat Pitoe was looking strange. Her owner was afraid and took her to the hospital and asked the doctors to euthanize her. Marie was feeling sorry for