The cat did not notice the absence of the dog after his death till he found the dog collar
When the owners saw what the cat was doing they started to cry. Indeed, cats can live in the same place as dogs but in most cases, they
The dog detected cancer in the woman and let her know about it
Once, a dog called Bella Boo chose to sleep on the chest of a woman named Karena Kirk-Drain. It was her owner. The dog persisted to sleep there
The woman did a tattoo in memory of her lovely pet
Anna Halcin and her lovely dog named Sebastian had many close friends for many years. They overcame many difficulties together and were always ready to help each other.
This was an amazing connection between a cat and a bear
Guests of the Berlin Zoo watched this amazing couple for ten years. At that time the bear was about 30 years old when it met its friend. People
The duck helped the dog to overcome depression and most probably you have never heard such a connection among various species
Many years passed after the dog’s death but its friend still remembers it. The poor animal was in depression. He did not react to anything and his days
The dog got reunited with the owner who helped and took her overseas
A soldier named Nick Pierzchalski was serving in Iraq. Besides serving the country he also loved animals and could not ever leave them helpless. He helped all animals