The smallest dog won everyone’s hearts weighs 300 grams
Many people love animals. When dogs grow up they become strong protectors for their owners. But sometimes many dogs remain the same size and never lose their childish
They thought that the dog had little chance and decided to euthanize him
The dog service caught the stray dog named Squish and took it to an animal shelter. The puppy had problems with its head and jaw and that made
The cat did not notice the absence of the dog after his death till he found the dog collar
When the owners saw what the cat was doing they started to cry. Indeed, cats can live in the same place as dogs but in most cases, they
The dog lost his hope but due to the kind family he changes a lot
Many people hate animals and no one can explain this phenomenon. Many animals die because of cruel people. But this dog was an exception as he was noticed
This is the biggest puppy in the work weighs 180 pounds and is 6 feet tall
The resident of Salt Lake City decided to get a guard dog after his house was attacked. His pet died because of the robber who threw the dog
The owners got rid of their pet and threw it near the supermarket but the dog believed that the owners will return back
The dog was two years old. And she managed to be a house pet and also homeless. The name of the pet was Archi. He was living in
The dog managed to find a caring family due to a social media post
Some time ago the Instagram account of an animal shelter shared a post about one of their strange residents. It was a husky called Jubilee. The breeder of
The owner was searching for his lost dog for a year and then suddenly found her on social media
A dog was hit by a car last year. Fortunately, it survived but lost part of her tail. The owner named Dylan did his best to save the
The dog detected cancer in the woman and let her know about it
Once, a dog called Bella Boo chose to sleep on the chest of a woman named Karena Kirk-Drain. It was her owner. The dog persisted to sleep there
The dog saved the owner in a way that even rescuers could not do so
Jake Atkins was hunting with his friend. They were waiting for their prey but that was not a lucky day for them. The guy went closer to the