The fourteen years old cat was weighting like for=urteen month old
People from Arizona saved the cat called Ann. They also were amazed how the animal managed to survive. Ann was saved by a humane society where many cats
The little cat who was found in the snow turned out to be an endangered one
The man together with his friend was walking in the Park when something blocked their path. The man suddenly noticed a tiny cat who was scared and could
This was an unbelievable moment when the huge humpback leaped out of the water
If you love nature and sometimes enjoy your time there you will face this wonder one day. The photographer named Douglas Craft managed to capture the huge animal.
This round shaped birds that are very similar to cotton will make you happy
Have you ever seen a bird that was very similar to flying cotton? So, it turned out that there is a bird in nature that had white plumage.
It was scary to see the man feeding the bald eagles
People were scared by seeing this. It was at the same time interesting and dangerous to see them become friends as not everyone is ready to do so.