Students buy this old sofa from a market and take it to their room.

The friends bought the sofa at a Salvation Army store in February. According to The Little Rebellion, after watching a movie, students reported feeling wrinkles on two side pillows built into the couch. Werkhoven, a geology student at SUNY New Paltz, told CBS News, “There were these bubble wraps, like two or three. We tore them up and freaked out, like hundred and a half dollar bills. The friends nearly destroyed the couch in their confusion at what they had discovered. Once all the packages were opened, they quickly counted the money and took photos as they went. The total came to an incredible $41,000!

« Vous comptez de plus en plus d’argent et vous êtes excité, comme si Reese envisageait d’acheter une voiture et un bateau à sa mère », a déclaré Russo, diplômé de SUNY. Mais la joie des étudiants s’est transformée en doute moral lorsqu’ils ont vu que l’une des enveloppes portait le nom d’une femme. « L’euphorie a disparu très rapidement après que nous avons trouvé cette enveloppe avec son nom dessus. Parce que nous ne méritons pas cet argent », a déclaré Guasti, diplômé du Mount Holyoke College.

In order to find the rightful owner of the property, the parents of the students assisted in the search. The parents also asked their children not to tell anyone about the discovery so that it would not be stolen from them. Werkhoven’s mother eventually found the woman in a phone book and the young man called her. «I told her, ‘I found something that I think is yours.’ And she said, ‘What?!’ and I said, ‘I found a couch.’ Werkhoven.

Friends of the elderly woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she told them her ailing husband had given her a lot of money before he died so she would have something after he died. As she didn’t know where to put it, she hid it under the old sofa in her room. She said she kept her savings in the couch for 30 years. Recently, she had back surgery and spent a few months in a rehabilitation center. While she was there, her doctors told her children to buy her a new couch to ease her back pain. That’s how the couch ended up at the Salvation Army. “We almost didn’t choose this sofa,” Russo told “It’s pretty ugly and smells bad, but it was the only sofa that was the right size for our living room. »

The three said they didn’t feel bad for doing the right thing and even went to eat with the elderly woman and her family after returning the money. “I believe everyone can do good if they want to,” Werkhoven told CBS News. “I think it happened as expected and honestly, I don’t think much of it,” Russo added. But the good Samaritans did not leave empty-handed. The woman gave the three young people $1,000 to share as a gift! Also trending: Would you do the same thing if you had this sofa for $20? Share this incredible story with your family and friends!


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