Strangers left the tiny bunny in the trash and condemned him to death

The animal was suddenly found in the trash pile. The animal was overall in mud but reached out to people.
One of the residents of the city found a poor creature in the trash pile.

So, she could not stay indifferent but at the same time, she was afraid when realizing it was a rabbit. The name of the woman was Irina Yoshina.

So, she felt sorry for the poor creature and did not know how she ended up there. She took the animal to her home. She cleaned him and fed him properly. Then the animal fell asleep. The woman was still shocked about this.

How people could do so with this bunny. When the animal woke up she took him to the hospital. He underwent an examination and fortunately, it turned out that he was healthy but at the same time scared.

Now the woman looked for permanent owners of the animal. She hoped that she could find caring ones who would never deal with the bunny in that way.

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