Smiling seal got the toy which was similar to him and hugged it with happiness

Seals are both cute and funny mammals. And probably you have seen many photos of these creatures. They know how to pose and do funny actions. So, they are joyful and will never leave us unhappy.

These photos will also make you happy. Here you can see a happy seal who got a toy that was very similar to him and hugged it. That was the present from the zoo workers.

These crazy animals live in Japan. When the baby got the toy he became the happiest in the world. So, they need a little to become happy. Also, you can see how joyful he looks.

He did not part away with the toy starting from the moment he received it. The zoo staff could not even imagine that it would be so happy to get it.

This crazy seal did not stop hugging the toy. He felt the same emotions when people receive gifts.
So, they also like toys as all children do. They took it everywhere they went.

And certainly, these funny pictures will fill your heart. And we hope that this made your day.

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