She already paid for the surgery and wanted to leave but the animal did not allow her to go

Cats often feel the same as their owners. When their owners are feeling bad the animals understand it and are always ready to help them.

One woman posted an emotional story about her animal. One day her cat started to feel bad and she had to take him to the hospital. The diagnosis was upsetting and the cat had to undergo surgery.

The owner paid money for the process and was already leaving when the cat did not allow her to go. The woman tried to move but saw tears in her cat’s eyes.

She remembered how the cat looked after her when she felt bad. So, she thought that she could not leave the cart alone at such a moment. And stayed with him till the end. Fortunately, everything went well.

The cat gradually started to feel better. He started to run around the house and felt young again.
The cat was very thankful to his owner and started to love her even stronger. And he was always ready to help the woman when needed.

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