Shaney-Lee steals hearts on UK’s ‘The Voice Kids’ with Adorable Audition singing John Denver

This is the cutest audition ever. On her farm in the southwest of England, seven-year-old Shaney-Lee lives among various animals, including chickens, goats and horses. He obviously loves country and western music. For his blind audition on «The Voice Kids» in the UK, John Denver’s rendition of «Take Me Home, Country Roads» was the ideal choice, given his affinity for the campaign.

At some point the judge will. “Have you ever been on horseback?” I am questioned. Confidently, Shaney-Lee said: “I came here today. » This minor detail reinforces the charisma he previously demonstrated on stage. The audience was captivated by his adorable appearance from the moment he entered the stage. His kindness was immediately evident to the judges, but they were about to discover his singing abilities.

Judge Danny Jones proclaimed: “That’s the cutest voice I’ve ever heard!” ” as he began to sing, “Life is old out there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze, country roads, take me home…” Everyone in the crowd was spellbound. They stood up, started clapping and some even cried within the first twenty seconds

Among the 7 to 14-year-olds featured on «The Voice Kids» in the United Kingdom, Shaney-Lee’s endearing personality shone through. He is “definitely an older person in a little man’s body,” according to his mother. Pixie Lott was ultimately overwhelmed by his adorableness and couldn’t help but show it off.


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