See the dog named Milka who became famous and attracted the tourist’s attention

A dog in a Polish city became popular by sitting on a balcony.
That was one of the best sights in the world.

This is reported by the Top Rated website.
And the dog from the balcony was in the first place of this.

The photos were captured where the dog was on the balcony.
Moreover, these pictures were among the top attractions of the world.

And this had about 500 reviews and high stars.
This was only inferior to the ratings of Louver and Taj Mahal.

This appeared on Google maps in 2019 but before this people followed its life on Facebook.
There were also groups dedicated to him and about five thousand people followed these groups.

Here, people post photos of the animal and discuss him. It was a nice picture that got everyone’s attention and love.
The place in google Maps was closed and the reason was most probably the large influx of users. What’s surprising was that the dog who was just sitting and looking from the balcony could not imagine that it would become so popular. But one photo changed my life.

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