People are amazed when the dog left to the metro station and waits about 12 hours till his owner returns back

Dogs are the most faithful animals. And nothing could be compared with the love that they have towards their people.
The world was amazed by the story of the dog who proved dedication to its owner.

You could not believe but the pet accompanies his owner to the station and waits for him to come back. He waits for his owner for about 12 hours each day.
The name of the dog was Xiongxiong which translates to bears in Chinese. The dog turned 15 years old.

It was difficult for the dog to separate with its owner so he accompanied him to the station and waited till he would come back.
Residents from the city compare this dog with Hachiko. It seemed like the same story happened with this couple.

And this dog deserved the same love that he gave.
His love does not have any boundaries. And he is only satisfied when he is with his owner.

The owner in turn was very glad as he had such a loyal friend.
And he dreamt that the dog could live as long as possible.

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