No one wanted to befriend the boy who had different eye colors till he met his twin

The boy named Madeline Humphries was born with a disease and his eye color was different from one another. This made him look different from others.

The shape of the lips was changed by the surgery but the eye color could not be changed. But such a special look the boy attracted everyone’s attention and his peers always laughed at him.

The boy was upset as no one wanted to befriend him.
One day the boy’s mother saw a picture of a cat who had the same problem as the boy.

The animal was in the animal protection center.
The woman understood that the cat was born to be the friend of her son.

So she decided to adopt the animal.
After this, the boy no longer felt alone. The boy named his cat Luna.

The family already shared the photos on social media. The followers admired the emotional story of this boy and the cat. The family was also happy as their son finally found a friend and felt happy.

So, animals always help us when we are in a difficult situation and need someone’s support.

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