No one wanted to adopt this kitten because of its face tumor but then magic happened

Keta is living on the street.
It was recently that the poor cat appeared at the shelter.

The shelter workers were scared when they saw the tumor on its face.
They thought that no one ever would like to adopt it and sentenced it to euthanasia.

But it was lucky enough as the public organization appeared in its life.
And the activists decided that they had to give a second chance to the animal to live.

But they had to cure the disease that deformed its face.
It was hard for her to eat as she couldn’t see anything.

The activists took it to the doctor and after some examination, they decided to operate.
They know that there are many risks but they did it. Surprisingly, everything went well.

And after that everything changed for her.
She started to recover and she now sees fully.

Now, it’s easier for her to eat. And she eats the way she did not eat anything before. Fortunately, she is now healthy and fully recovered.
She enjoys her life. And thanks to brave doctors she survived.

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