Most people won’t even notice what’s missing in this photo

What is missing in this image?
Although it seems simple, the majority of people don’t succeed!
Can you identify the problem in the photo above?

Write your answer in the comment space, then check your accuracy below!
There are many methods to recharge your batteries mentally, such as Brain Teaser.
You’ve come to the right place if you want to test your logical skills in a fun way!

You will be able to solve the puzzle puzzles at this level if you have a school-age child. Otherwise, you can find puzzles of this level on our website if you are an adult looking to solve something a little more difficult.
If you are an elderly person, you can teach these puzzles to your grandchildren.
Here are some puzzles that you can solve with your children, family or friends.


If you are a full-time working adult, using your free time to solve puzzles will help you update your knowledge.
You can start by using our puzzles to assess your math skills


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