It was scary to see the man feeding the bald eagles

People were scared by seeing this.
It was at the same time interesting and dangerous to see them become friends as not everyone is ready to do so.

But Jessie Peck is among those who are interested in bald eagles. Indeed, it was unbelievable but here you can see how Jessie fed the bald animals.

In Alaska, you can often see such animals as there are more than six hundred eagles. But seeing them becoming friends with humans is amazing.
Eagles can easily hurt humans especially when they are hungry.

Special organizations always protect people from these creatures and they are ready to do everything for their safety. And people in their turn should also be careful with them.

And the pictures of the man and these animals are widely spread on social media. Also, it was seen about nine million times.
People were amazed by seeing the moments.

The users were scared of the moment and many of them shared their opinion below the posts.

It was amazing to see how the animals greet the man.
And one of the fishermen said that it was funny to see them together.

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