It is believed that horses could not be trained but this young owner proved to people the opposite

The owner together with his horse broke all stereotypes about horses.
People who serve in the army are highly appreciated by everyone.

They sacrifice and put their lives in danger to serve the country and protect it. Landyn Mount is from those who know the value of it. She wants to know if everyone is appreciated enough.

Among them is the horse called Buffy. When they first met they loved each other from first sight. But everyone surrounding her said that she should not trust horses and could not be well treated.

But she wanted to prove to everyone the opposite. So, she started to train the animal and gave him some comments during the whole summer.

And the first performance of it was the veteran called Mr. Jacobs. The horse showed the flag of America and did an amazing show. People could not believe in their eyes. They were all shocked.

So, Landyn together with her horse wanted to somehow show her respect towards those who put their lives in danger so that they could live in a safe and protected country.

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