How the guy lives now who left without parental love

When Jono was born his parents left him in the hospital because of his disease. But he was lucky as he was adopted by a kind woman called Jin Lancaster.

He had a disease called Treacher Collins syndrome and that’s why his parents decided to leave him alone. So, because of this, his facial bone stopped developing properly.

But this only affected his look and some abilities. His brain is working normally.
His new mother always supported him and did her best to see the guy happy.

He was all alone and his peers did not want to befriend him. His mother was the only one who supported him every time.
When he was 19 years old he started to work in the pub.

He was afraid of everyone and that was a real challenge for him but here he met many kind people. So he started to love him and live as an ordinary one.

Then he started to work as a fitness trainer. Everyone loved him. And here he also met his love.
His biological parents did not even want to find their son. But he is lucky as he had a loving mother and wife.

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