How the boy with this birthmark live

Many of us have birthmarks on our bodies. But the hero of this story is a boy who got everyone’s attention with his special birthmark. It was a heart-shaped birthmark on his eyebrow.

At first, his father did not know what it was and tried to clean it.
But it was a special feature given from birth.

Now the boy turned four years old and was at the center of everyone’s attention. The name of the boy was Chinar. Many people even wanted to take photos with him when they see the boy.

And the boy posed in all the photos with pleasure.
But doctors said that the birthmark could go after 6 years old. But now it is visible.

Chinar’s parents loved his birthmark and they would not like it that it went. It was cute and made the boy unique. The most important thing is that it did not threaten his health.

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