Dogs destined to be put down are put into trailer – when doors open, new owners can’t believe their eyes

There are a lot of unwanted dogs in our world; they were either abandoned by their owners or have been stray canines since infancy. Unfortunately, not every one of these puppies is able to find a home, even though many end up in shelters. The pets are frequently put to sleep since there isn’t always enough time or money. My heart is broken.

Texas resident Tracy Whyatt, who adores dogs, feels the same way. She basically decided to take action since she was sick of seeing or hearing about so many abandoned dogs. She and her spouse, Scott, began traveling throughout Texas to various shelters for the dead. They began to find homes for destitute dogs around the nation in an effort to save them from certain death.

This became their full-time work after that, and they founded Tracy’s pets with the goal of saving as many unwanted pets as they could. Up till now, Tracy and Scott have assisted 3,700 dogs in finding homes and owners. dogs that nowadays would never have survived.


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