The little girl who did not have feet also had a puppy who did not have a paw. They are close friends
Nine puppies were born and one of them did not have a paw. The name of this baby was Dan. The breeders offered to euthanize the puppy but
The kitten nicknamed ‘ugly’ did not get any attention but appeared to people who loved him
A cat called Gulya differed from his siblings since birth. He had a direct and not common look. So, he was bullied by people who did not love
The cat started to cry when she knew where her cat was going when she left her babies
This touching story is widely spread on social media in a short time. And this once again shows how thankful animals could be. The hero of this story
The owners wanted to forever sleep the Big dog but its new owners helped the poor creature to lose weight and make it unrecognizable
We have the responsibility to look after those who are with us but sometimes many people do not follow this rule. The dog called Kai was fed by
The woman forgot to close the back door and the deer could not find another good place than her house
These beautiful deers protected themselves from the storm by entering the woman’s house. Most probably, everyone watched the movie ‘Bambi’ and loved the main character who was a
A goat was brought to the tiger for its lunch but they surprisingly became friends.
This is a story about a touching connection between a goat called Timur and a tiger called Amur. How does this connection start? The start was not romantic.
This hopeless dog jumped into the man’s car and that totally changed her life
The look of the poor dog tells us about it. She was wandering on the street. The poor animal lost most of her fur. But, the woman noticed