The elephant brought her baby elephant to the people who saved his life
In 2006, staff at the Kenya Wildlife Conservation Center rescued a baby elephant they named Lojjuk. the elephant was left without the help of big elephants and almost
An 80-year-old turtle on the brink of extinction has given birth to its first calf🐢
First-time mom – While most animal species don’t even live to be 80 years old, for Nigrita, the turtle, this is the age when she gave birth for
The girl thought she had found a lizard, but when the vet saw the animal, he shouted: “take a step back!”
In an incredible turn of events, a little girl discovered a unique, endangered lizard in the forest, sparking an unprecedented rescue attempt that ultimately led to the conservation
The bear spent 17 years in a cage and for the first time came out and splashed in the pond.
The bears Kai and Rick sat in cramped cages from an early age for 17 years. Their mother fell victim to poachers, and the cubs were sold. The
What They Found In This Sperm Whale’s Stomach Shocked The Whole World
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The breeder couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw who her mare had given birth to
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Pigeon who can’t fly and chihuahua who can’t walk loved each other and are now good friends
Unusual relationships between two different species are not just about struggling for survival. Amazing animals sometimes form such kinds of bonds to prove that love, friendship, and affection
A cat sneaks into a man’s house to have kittens and changes his life forever
This story began when a pregnant stray cat snuck into a London house and changed her life and that of the house owner forever. The cat entered the
Orphan gorilla lost his mother, but his reaction stunned everyone when he met his new best friend (VIDEO)
Orphan gorilla lost his mother, but his reaction stunned everyone when he met his new best friend VIDEO