Because he was raised with dogs, the calf gets along well with hens, dogs, and cats and believes he is one of them.

Many people maintain animals in their homes because they simply cannot imagine life without them. Often mentioned pets include dogs, cats, and birds. On the other hand, have you ever heard of somebody taking a calf into their home? A baby calf that believes himself to be a dog is the subject of this tale. He gets along fine with dogs, cats, and chickens.

This calf is walking and is about to sprout actual horns. The calf fancies himself to be a dog because he also wags his tail, enjoys playing, and licks other people, but his family turned out to be a little odd. The farm’s proprietors, Adam Hopson, 33, and his wife Emily, 32, had to bring the calf inside. The infant, James, immediately made a name for himself as a friendly and vivacious child.


The calf has been interacting with the dogs because they share a home with the humans for some time, but he has never figured out how to use his horns to communicate. James was fed artificially by Adam and Emily. James has developed some dog-like mannerisms despite the fact that he is an adult who struggles with living at home. Dogs no longer want to play with him since the game he used to play with them is now too challenging for them.


The calf is now housed with the chickens. On their Instagram account, Adam and Emily frequently post pictures of their pets. After hearing the calf’s tale, some individuals even started requesting to purchase cows as pets.

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