An emotional story about a father who first met his baby cub

This is the first meeting of the father with his cub.
The Zoo from the USA recently captured a moment that shows the most emotional moments of a father meeting his baby for the first time.

Also, the video spread so widely and got everyone’s attention.
It was the first time that the father went to see his baby after its birth. The video showed all these moments.

The baby was playing when its father entered. And people were amazed by seeing the daddy’s reaction when he got closer to see it. People were shocked at how kind he was with his cube as in most cases fathers are very rude with their babies and even does not count that they are newborns.

The shelter staff told how he was energetic and joyful and how much he was loved by his caring parents.
People who watched the video also wanted to visit and see the baby in real life.

They all shared their kind opinions below the video. As the baby made whole Internet users amazed.
So, this was an amazing moment that got everyone’s attention and love.

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