An Australian freediver and the photographer managed to capture a very rare moment of a manta ray

The freediver and the photographer named Kristian Laine managed to capture an amazing moment of a pink manta ray.
It also gained the name “Inspector Clouseau » in honor of the character of “Pink Panther ».

But it was captured only recently.
Usually, these animals are dark gray or in black color. They usually grow up to 4.5 meters. But the pink one is something unusual.

How these animals became pink colors no one knows. But scientists think this is because of a rare pigmentation disorder that was caused by nutrition. On the other hand, its relatives are very calm with this fact as it does not differentiate them from other manta rays.

So, the freediver and the photographer managed to capture these cute animals. This was a rare thing and no one could expect this. They also were amazed and could not believe in their eyes.

Also, there may be more soon.

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