After fifteen days the dog was finally found

When the family lost their dog they could not imagine that they would see her again. The name of the dog was Luna. The animal was found after 15 days far away from its home.

Once when they were walking together it suddenly disappeared. This happened in British Columbia.
The family started to search for the dog.

The animal was about three years old and lived with the family for about 5 months.
The family did their best to find the animal. But the weather was becoming colder and they started to lose hope.

It was loved in the family so it would be hard for all of them to live without the dog.
But luckily, the baby was found. It was on the top of the mountain.

Luckily it was found and was alive but no one knows how she managed to survive in the cold weather.
So, when the owners got the call about their pet they hurried to see it. And after meeting with her they started to cry.

That was a magic gift for Christmas.
Now she is feeling good. Indeed she lost weight during these days but the owners were happy when they found the animal.

Now they will be more careful with the animal.

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