After being saved the fox considered her a pet

The fox was entangled in the rope and that hurt him so much.
But then, fortunately, the fox was found by the Wildlife Sanctuary center.

Indeed, they did their best to help the poor animal. So, they cured the animal but the story did not yet end.
According to the doctors, the recovery process will last longer than a month. But after that, the animal could not be released into the wild.

And the reason was that while being treated he would be surrounded by people and then could not survive in the wild anymore.
The man called Jeff Greucock who heard the story decided to look after the fox.

The name of the animal was Roxy. The fox started to act like a normal domestic dog.
Pet became friends with the other animals who were also in the house and started to spend their time with them.

Roxy likes eating dog food and sleeping in the basket. The animal thinks that he was an ordinary pet like the animal at the home.
Now Roxy is happy as it has a permanent home and good friends. He needs nothing more than happiness. They all enjoy their life together.

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