A goat was brought to the tiger for its lunch but they surprisingly became friends.

This is a story about a touching connection between a goat called Timur and a tiger called Amur.
How does this connection start? The start was not romantic.

Timur would be Amur’s lunch. Timur was alive and Amur became attached to it.

Surprisingly, the goat appearing in front of the lion was not afraid of him and it helped him a lot.
So, they are now best friends and they do everything together. They play, hunt and relax together.

They do not want to separate even for a second.
The zoo staff fed the animal twice a week, but they do not give him goats as a food. And Timur deserves being respected too.

So, how does Timur get such attention? Everything depends on his bravery, as he was scared of the predator and then understood that it’s realistic to make friends with such a creature.

So, they became a symbol of such animals who could become friends. Also, this is a great example to those who would appear in front of someone stronger and win the situation.

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