A cat sneaks into a man’s house to have kittens and changes his life forever

This story began when a pregnant stray cat snuck into a London house and changed her life and that of the house owner forever.

The cat entered the house of British director Paris Zarcilla. He woke up one morning at his home in London and was surprised to find a completely unfamiliar black and white cat under his bed. And the cat was not alone, next to her were four newborn kittens. “Looks like I can call myself dad,” Zarcilla tweeted that day. The man did not know who this cat belonged to and why she had chosen his home. But he felt responsible for her and her kittens.

He decided to help the babies and the cat, to feed them and take care of them. He also wrote to the local animal rescue group’s page. And there, we told him that the most important thing is not to separate the cat and the kittens.Otherwise, the kittens may die. There he received advice on how to feed babies. In the following weeks, Zarcilla’s Twitter published almost only photos of kittens and the man’s words that they are very touching and have brought a lot of joy to his life. Every day he became more and more attached to the babies and their mothers.

He himself didn’t expect the cats to have such an effect on him. “I have learned more about myself in the last four weeks than in the previous four years.” When the kittens grew a little older, Zarcilla took the cat to the vet for an examination. They didn’t find a microchip in her, and then Zarcilla realized that she could now rightfully be her cat. He named her forever. The four kittens grew by leaps and bounds and Paris Zarcilla fell more and more in love with them. At first he wanted to give the kittens to friends, but he couldn’t let them go. Therefore, the cat and four kittens live in his house to this day.

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