96% of drivers don’t know what this sign means.

If you want to test how well you know the road rules, we may have a little challenge for you that could prove you’re safe on the roads of the UK — or that you might need a refresher.

There are many things to consider when driving, but if you really want to stay safe, it’s worth staying concentrated and focusing your mind.

That means paying attention to road signs, checking your mirrors, focusing on the task at hand, and avoiding any kind of distraction.

Of course, we’re constantly bombarded with information in the car, and it would be a lot to ask of us to remember exactly what each and every road sign means. But you should probably know this one.

Do you recognize it?

You’ve seen it on country roads, expressways, and many other places.

Among road signs, it’s one of the most common.

But it turns out that a lot of people don’t know what it means.

Here’s the road sign in question.

It’s the sign that means «National speed limit applies,» but that alone means more than one thing.

The national speed limit is different on different types of roads, with a speed limit of 60 mph on one-way streets and 70 mph on expressways.

In reality, the national speed limit is 30 mph unless signs – like this one – indicate otherwise.

In Wales it is now 20 mph. And what’s more, the speed limit changes depending on the type of vehicle.

For example, on one-way roads, vehicles towing trailers are limited to 50 mph by this sign, as are vehicles towing caravans.

Buses, coaches and minibuses are also limited to 50 mph on single-lane roads.

Essentially there are a lot of rules to follow, but if you’re in a car not towing anything it’s a little easier.

A Facebook group called ‘Idiot UK Drivers Exposed’ posted the sign and asked people to say what they thought it meant.

Most people seemed to get it right, but others saw the opportunity for a joke.

It doesn’t mean «Full speed ahead.»

No, it doesn’t mean «Step on the gas!» or «Full speed ahead!»

And it doesn’t mean «Drive as fast as you can.»

However, some people actually guessed wrong.

One person — who shall remain anonymous — made a real mistake and wrote: «Speed ​​ends that previously applied.»

Technically correct, but not specific enough.

Be that as it may, the most important thing of all is to stay safe on the roads and concentrate on what you are doing and drive within the rules.

It’s always worth catching up or doing a refresher when you get the chance.

After all, it’s serious business out there


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